Thursday, March 14

10E2135: Union Square Donuts

Maple glazed w/ crumbled bacon. Keep going? Chocolate chipotle, orange ginger cream, hibiscus cherry, honey almond, and dulce de leche cinnamon rolls. If you live in the Somerville/Med/Cam/Bos area you may have heard about Heather Schmidt and her cookery classes - and now an enterprise called Union Square Donuts - again shopfronting out of 201 Somerville Ave (plenty of parking at Target!), in Union Square, Somerville, MA. Contact info here.

The flavor combos get the press but honestly dough of the donut itself is amazing. Yeasted, so puffy. Hey I love Verna's cake style donuts too... but the dough is so tasty. Huge congrats to Heather and her crew for creating something out of nothing - and damn good. BTW show your Somerville Library card during March [2013] and you get free coffee w/ your donut. Bam!

Photo by Max Wastler of  AllPlaidout from our recent visit.
Two hander. Are you kidding me here! Love the maple glaze. Mmmmm

Ok, these guys might not be the toughest donut-critics... but for sure they devoured theirs.