Thursday, April 4

10E2150: N'East Style Interviews PowderJet

The fine art of the reblog is not lost at 10engines... At the end of February I took some friends to visit Jesse Loomis at his Vermont workshop where he handshapes wooden snowboards under the name Powderjet. Almost-neighbor Christine N'East Style Mitchell was there too and got Jesse talking about his snowcraft. Read it all here. One of the kicker quotes is below. Great stuff...
Q. What inspired you to start PowderJet? 
A. I saw the sport that I grew up with migrating farther and farther away from its roots. It’s a very accessible sport, to people who have the inclination towards winter sports. It’s pretty easy to learn, much easier than its cousins surfing and skateboarding. So I’ve been teaching my kids how to ride, and a bit about the history of the sport, it’s different evolutionary phases, talented riders, all of this snowboard history... I wanted my kids, and by extension new riders of any age, to see snowboarding not as a competitive sport, but a fun activity to pass the cold winter days with some friends. [hell yes -ed.]
If you like that, then geek out with his woodsy instagram feed.