Tuesday, April 23

10E2159: Giveaway - Green Mountain Tick Repellent

UPDATE 5pm - winners picked - Tuff Family and Devon Hanofski - email me - james@10engines.com.

A few years ago 10e friend Victoria Demonda created Green Mountain Tick Repellent; mixed and bottled in Dorset, Vermont. She uses all-natural essential oils as the active ingredients; including Rose Geranium, Lemongrass and Cedarwood for an extremely effective repellent against ticks. Sidenote, smells fantastic to humans.

Big fan of this product and recently asked Vic a bit more about it. She also agreed to give away a bottle to two 10engines readers. Check the facebook.com/GreenMountainTickRepellent and simply confirm done in the comments here - will pull a winner at 5pm.  If you don't win, can always buy direct.
"The idea for Green Mountain Tick Repellent originated about 3 years ago. My then 4 year old daughter came inside after playing, to tell me she had a “bump” in her head. When I investigated, the bump turned out to be a half engorged tick. I was unable to remove the entire blood-filled insect, resulting in the head remaining burrowed in her scalp. The doctor couldn’t get us in until afternoon, so I had to spend the entire morning knowing she had a disgusting piece of a tick under her skin.  
Then, in the Spring of 2011, my children and I welcomed our newest addition: an 8 week old yellow lab puppy named Ruby. The first walk resulted in 3 ticks crawling around on her tiny little body, and 1 trying to burrow into her snout. I knew there had to be something out there that I could put on not only my dog, but my kids, without chemicals or 25% poison. I started to search. Nothing. So I decided to make my own.  
Green Mountain Tick Repellent is a Vermont Local*, all-natural alternative to conventional methods of repelling ticks from humans and canines. It contains a combination of natural essential oils that work together to repel ticks. It works great for hunters, hikers, fisherman, loggers, outdoorsmen, dogs and the people who love them! AND IT WORKS!"
*meaning available at select independent stores in Vermont including;
  • Mach's General Store, Pawlet, VT
  • Wallingford Country Store & Deli, Wallingford,VT
  • Wells Country Store, Wells,VT
  • Southern Vermont Glass, Spruce St. Manchester, VT
  • New Morning Natural Food Store, Depot St., Manchester, VT
  • Pets, Etc., Depot St. Manchester, VT
  • Fresh Market, Manchester, VT
  • Equinox Valley Nursery, Manchester, VT
  • The Golf Club at Equinox, Manchester, VT
  • H.N. Williams Store, Route 30, Dorset, VT
  • Mettowee Mill Nursery, Route 30, Dorset,VT
  • Dorset Town Office, Mad Tom Rd, East Dorset, VT
  • The Vermont Country Store, Weston, VT and Rockingham, VT
  • Wayside Country Store, Route 313, W. Arlington,VT
  • Heritage Deli and Bakery, Route 103, Chester, VT
  • Handsome Hound, Rt 7, Bennington, VT
  • Shaftsbury Country Store, Rt 7, Shaftsbury, VT