Wednesday, May 8

10E2166: Katin Watermen Trunks

"Founded in 1959, Katin Surf Shop is one of America’s oldest surf shops. Walt and Nancy Katin sold their signature surfwear to local surfers through Katin Surf Shop, and a small network of other stores. Following Walt's passing, Nancy Katin continued to run the store and founded the Katin Pro/Am Team Challenge in 1976."
This may be 2009 in blog years, but rediscovered Katin shorts recently and bought a pair. Sharkskin grey "watermen" - entry level. Straight through the waist and hips, slim so no "grabbing", and hits just above the knee. No liner. Sewn in the Good Old US of... Great stuff. Heavy duty, quick drying nylon - "the same as it has always been."

Update: just contacted with news that Club Monaco worked with Katin to create a whole made in USA summer line. Available online and at 12 Club Monaco locations throughout the US and Canada. Boston?  There is a Prudential Center location.