Tuesday, May 14

10E2169: Shopping From The Archives - Orvis 80s

W.B. is a local gent, keen outdoors-man and dear friend of the family.  I remember a boating trip where he drove us back in his 2 seater pickup... no room upfront for my brother though so he decided to bungee himself to a lawnchair in the bed of the truck. It downpoured for an hour... Anyhow, during the 1980s W.B. was enlisted by Orvis (headquartered in the same town, Manchester VT) as a model. A bunch of local folk were at that time.

I have mentioned him many times before on 10E and here. His daughter was cleaning out the garage last month and found a pile of old clippings and was good enough to share them. Thx V.

2/3 gingham with white buttons and stitching... would wear this in a second. #jawsdeletedscene

Must have been in his contract to wear a turtleneck with every flannel shirt... Or maybe because they were shooting Fall in Spring so needed to keep warm...

W.B. has his own blend of tobacco at a local store. #nojoke #legend

Shotgun belt FTW. Still a great deal - bridle leather, made in USA $69 at Orvis.
Then there was the time that in his surveying work he had to get a read on a far mountain peak -
so he hiked one and hired a college kid to drag a hallway mirror up another peak to bounce the laser.

Ironically for a catalog model, W.B. is an inveterate thrift store shopper. Rarely buys anything new. Known to buy back his own donated shirts - of course! Complete gem of a guy. Famous for his southern hospitality and "dividend" pours. 10engines salutes you!


Oma said...

Well done Jamesy you've done Byrd proud ! so loved seeing him again last Oct -one of a kind !

DGW said...

And, below the first picture, he's shown with Elena Atwill from Dorset.

Apothecary Fox said...

these are some seriously amazing pictures. What a legend.

bferry said...


(I've never met WB but he sounds like a real gem and now I want to hang out with him and take some photos...)

james at 10engines said...

@brian so solid.

Anonymous said...

I like the way WB is wearing a turtleneck under every long-sleeved flannel shirt, the latter tucked in and with only the collar button open - are there no photos with him wearing the turtleneck under a fully buttoned flannel shirt?