Tuesday, May 21

10E2174: HBARC | Deadstock | eBay | Wow

Terrible - the only company history of HBARC that I can easily find online is as below, and recycled across the net;
"H Bar C has its roots in a company formed in 1917 by two tailors, Halpern and Christenfeld, as a maker of riding clothing. In 1935 a western branch was open to make and market Western riding clothes. This business was renamed H Bar C, to give it a Western flair. H Bar C made clothes for the movies, and they also marketed their clothes for the growing Western wear market. The H Bar C logo on the sign was trademarked in 1941, and has been used in various versions since that time." - via Vintage Fashion Guild 
The eBay seller Recluse Vintage has a megaton of these for sale right now for around $35 each. NOS. So good. What...? You were going to spend $45 on a fakery western shirt from GreatLakesCalifornia#1BaseballChampion? Also make sure to check these silver gelatin display cards over at HermosaVintage - wow.

Last year I bantered with my neighbor Guiseppe of An Affordable Wardrobe, about the advisability of  western shirts; huge fan here at 10E.