Friday, May 24

10E2176: Chandon Nautical Brut

Used to work room service at a big hotel in Vail. You know the one. Returning guests would get a fruit plate and a pony bottle of Chandon on arrival. The more tony guests never touched the bottles... By mid winter we had every laundry cupboard and bolthole in the kitchen stocked with those things. Goes great with pizza while waiting for the bus back to the Raquet Club. Tough life. 

This summer Chandon releasing an "All-American Summer" wrap for its 750ml and 187ml Brut Classic bottles. Would seem more French/Nautical than American inspired but still, looks natty. Throw a little rope graphic on there... got me. No price change. Further reading via The Dieline

Since we're talking - how do you feel about the champagne coupe?