Tuesday, May 28

10E2177: Update from Vermont

Great weather for ducks in Vermont last weekend, but at least it didn't snow. Oh yes it did...

"It's barely raining" I am informed by the kid out by the pond since 5:30am in his pajamas... The big deal is to make paper boats and float them till you peg them with rocks.

Paid a visit to an older gent's house. Great display of vernacular farmhouse style.

What? You don't have a batphone? These lucite ice buckets were standard issue to all mountain/valley cocktail-party-goers in the '70s... Good stuff.

Drove home through Peru past the old general store. It's sad days almost over I hope... will be rebuilt this summer by new owners (a local lady - grade school classmate of mine!) - can't wait to see what happens. Believe it will have a small gallery space, and big pizza oven, and enough groceries to cook dinner with - as well as some kind of bakery. You can follow the prep and reconstruction via twitter @juliettebritton. Check the picture below of the empty insides.

The store used to hold the post office in town too. Horses were stabled outside back then, before gasoline pumps were put in - then taken out again about 20 years ago.

Jar of syrup arrived from another nearby friend. Linocut label by town artist David Utiger.

The rain stopped for a while but it seemed to be snowing across on Stratton. Green mountains. Yes sir.