Tuesday, September 17

10E2242: That Peru Fair 2013 Look

In about 10 days, on Saturday Sept 28th, the annual Peru Fair will crank up again in the little town of Peru near Bromley Mountain in Vermont. This craft fair has returned to its former glory after being displaced for one year and missing another year fairly recently. There is a full-on pig roast and plenty of other food vendors around, hay and pony rides, music, demos and clogging. What else do you need? $6 donation to the Town of Peru Scholarship Fund. Opening parade starts at 9:45.

The leaves are turning and can sometimes be chilly by the end of Septmber in southern Vermont: 10e chambray cap, sawtooth shirt and denim jacket; Levis, tincloth pants; Filson, Danner Mnt. Light boots (pro-tip: unwritten rule that if you hike Bromley you can ride the slide back down gratis. Have your pal drop you off at the Long Trail trailhead a mile down past the mountain and hike up). Our friends in town are reviving the JJHapgood General Store - check them out. After the pig roast grab a quail kabob and some gingery Switchel. This great local potter Janno Gay doesn't do the Fair so much but fantastic list of other vendors here.
"The Pig Roast starts at 11am, run once again by the Peru Volunteer Fire Department: The Pig Roast costs $10 and includes: pork, BBQ sauce, apple sauce, cole slaw, beans, and a roll. Roast corn is $2 extra."  12 till its gone!