Friday, November 1

10E2268: The William Brown Project TV Show

If you read the blog The William Brown Project you will already have a glimpse into the world of photog/traveller/interestingman Matt Hranek... Esquire chose him to be their everyman so we can live vicariously through a series of his dinners/projects/exploits on a new series called Alternate Route.

Sharing a little bit of DNA perhaps with Bourdain's Layover series, but more than just a travelogue it looks like it may also be a call-to-arms for the viewer to get out there and visit your own local brewery/bakery/machinist... Why not? If there are artists or businesses in your own town that you love - tell them that. See if they will give a tour, or have a group over to visit. I have never met the guy but seems approachable, and the show looks decent in that not overly extreme - ok granted we don't all have a stock 80s Porsche to fire around town...