Thursday, November 7

10E2273: Giveaway - NTANDY Belt

Creative turned creator Napper Tandy has made these does what it says on the box sporty/preppy belts - and happy to give one away.

Made in California from old school nylon board short material wrapped around 1000 lb. test nylon climbing webbing; belts come in five colors. Visit the ntandy site and then leave a comment back here (anon will be rejected) with your preferred color choice. Winner picked at 5pm EST. Update: KATE - you won! The belts retail for $36 ($25 for kids) so if you don't win you can still console yourself with a good deal.

"There’s no point in half-assing the good times..." -Napper Tandy. Quite! Now what does the shot of a beachbuggy International Harvester have to do with belts? Who cares. Awesome...