Thursday, June 19

10E2368: Topo Designs Gingham Shirt

I am on record espousing the benefits of a little western in your shirting. Caveat below;
"...being aware of the history of the cowboy archetype is recommended here: "Fictional cowboys are never bored. Real cowboys were often so bored that they memorized the labels on tin cans and then played games to see how well they could recite them." — from a fantastic article called "Ten-Gallon Hero" by David B. Davis."
I'll still lurk on eBay for Sears Western Wear shirts just like this (see below) but they are pretty scarce now, and mine have all gone paper-thin. Luckily the guys at Topo Designs have the answer... just make them! All the details. Blue or red gingham. Made in the USA. $129.

Come on, it is a shirt that you can fix with a hammer! In the words of bad-Kermit, "nailed it".