Friday, June 20

10E2369: Sling Chair - By Steele Canvas

Don't call it a comeback... The venerable Steele Canvas Basket company has reintroduced their sling chair; full size and a half-pint version for kids. Fantastic.

"First introduced in our 1960 catalog "10 Canvas Gift Ideas for the Homeowner", our sling chair is made with 1/2" U.S. cold rolled steel with a powder coated frame and an industrial grade #8 duck canvas sling... In case you're wondering, this solid steel framed sling chair does not collapse.......ever."
Available in a slew of colors [ponyhide? -ed.] and if you live close enough to visit the factory you can pickup and save the shipping. Williams Street, Chelsea, MA. Sorta near the Kayem hotdog factory if you know where that is...