Monday, August 25

10E2382: Brewland - Indiegogo

Our filmmaker friends for BREWLAND just released their campaign to fund the big push on their craft beer documentary. We may take it for granted in New England, (or Colorado) our access to great craft beer, but I didn't know home brewing was illegal till the late 70's, and I am not familiar with the smaller names on today's landscape, even around here.
"Our goal with BREWLAND is to tell the complete story of craft beer in the United States. We will explain the brewing process and cover the key historical moments that brought the industry to where it is today. We will tell tales about the rise of legendary brewers and the failure of others... Most important of all, we will seek to answer the question: “What is craft beer?""

Number of Breweries in the US

Initially they had filmed all over Vermont visiting some charismatic usual suspects (The Alchemist/Heady Topper, Hill Farmstead, etc), before wrangling time with Magic Hat's founder Alan Newman. Then the Boston area interviews were knocked off one by one (have a look). Then beer historians, then the net started to widen... There are some other niche beer films out there, but perhaps not with the talent (and frankly high-end gear) that RoughWater Films bring to bear on this.

Go explore the page, watch the intro clip. Cheers!