Thursday, September 4

10E2384: Chappy

Crossing the line here from aspirational blogging to hitting the jackpot honestly... we had an extended family gathering for a week on Chappaquiddick, the small island (almost) attached to Martha's Vineyard off Cape Cod. This was a pull-out-the-stops, every-trick-in-the-book 10e-style vacation for parents and kids and grandparents.

The 1 minute "On Time Ferry" ride costs money on the outbound leg only. Mrs 10e and I lived on MV for 1 summer together many moons ago - emotional to bring "the interns" back with us now, old enough to bike from Oak Bluffs (colloquially OB for those just joining), over the Jaws Bridge, and down to Edgartown which faces Chappy.

Party at our house. Its the one with the grey shingles...


Chappy has a few paved roads, but mostly dirt. Can be tricky on bicycle but you go faster than most cars as so bumped up. Running on them is a different sport. Calves scream a bit the next day. Plenty of wildlife around... see her?


Teaching British kids to play Wiffleball, and all manner of boats and kayaks and paddle boards  around. Rope banister ftw.

Fishing with cut up squid. The hits just keep coming. V fun. They only hooked me once...

This is the south east corner of Chappy - Wasque Point. The current rips left to right out there - and the inlet here can pull you when tide going out... but quiet. The Trustees of Reservations administer this area and the Cape Poge Refuge (the other big beach - site of the Kennedy carwash at Dike's Bridge...). If you are taking your car and spending time with a few adults it is worth buying a family membership $67. Good for a ton of MA wildlife reservations outside MV too of course.

We did go back to the big island twice; outings and supplies. Pro-tip, the fish store in Edgartown will deliver to the ferry for you... #gold.  Strong canvas bag game below.

Coope De Ville, OB. This place was our spot back then, still slaying the fish or fried goods. Wings come in 6 heats; mild, medium, hot, dragon fire, suicide, 3 Mile Island. Sweat rolling off my nose - lovely! #suicide So good... Hit Flying Horses carousel w/ the kids after and ridiculously one of the interns got the brass ring. It is like time travel watching that thing. Still only $2.50 a ride. De rigueur. 

Oblig lobster dinner was knockout. Huge fan of soft shells generally and they were great again. I know they can't be shipped by the big corps but why do we care? Can eat them with your hands like in Splash. We followed through and started the bisque that night. #mirepoix The house had a lustworthy set of enamel cookware, as well as cast iron, Reverware, on and on. #veryfortunate Cooking with electric - been a long time!


Bright-spark younger brother saved some meat for lobster roll lunches next day. This was my first ever experience with a lobby roll (right?!) - spoiled forever.


If you have smoked anyfish you can make pate. Freekin love this stuff. Summer on a cracker. Bluefish beignets aren't half bad either.