Thursday, October 2

10E2389: Mato - Homework Dub

Every once in a while you have to go on an "unsubscribe" tear in your emails. Get off those lists you somehow signed up for were added to.  One email that never disappoints though is the update from Turntable Lab. New music, re-released classics, mixes, camo headphones... all that.

I know virtually nothing about reggea and dub, but did hang around a record shop in Notting Hill over 20 years ago and what they played was a million miles from the collegstudentfordexplorercargoshorts sounds of reggae I had heard commercially. Mato, for French label Stix does dub remixes and ground-up recreations of classic tunes; check out their re-do of the key-lassic Homework album (yes the whole thing).

No it is not too early.