Wednesday, November 19

10E2407: That Acella Look

Took a trip to NYC this week on the Acella train, and when chatting with 100 folk related to media and PR the realization of "uniform" creeps up pretty quickly. Trade the bag, or the mocs for brogues but basically similar. If it ain't broke etc...  

Tip to the stockbroker whose capital group had embroidered their name on his gifted bag - Filson will change that pocket out for you here.

Person on train behind me was some kind of HR overlord. Had been on calls the whole way with her coworkers discussing which interviewee would work best on the new HR team. Irony seemed to be lost on her that the head of HR couldn't make a decision on who to hire... BTW "Meg" told the new recruit the job is 100% excel based but no way Richard spends that much time in excel. More like 75%. Rest of the time in meetings... #quietcar #espionage

Business speak is the best. New role, "Solution Captain".

And Connecticut is damn good looking...