Wednesday, December 24

10E2416: Socks for Christmas

First up, from Universal Works their old time jersey inspired Games Sock. Made in Nottingham, England (their home base).
The Stripe Sock is knitted on old, traditional machines here in Nottingham. There are loose ends running up the back of the sock but they won’t come undone.  These traditional machines construct the stripes in a different way to modern machines, as the machine changes the stripe colour the yarn feeders have to step up a line, where the two colours meet, and cut off the yarn to feed in the next colour. This is what causes the step in the stripe and what appears to be, loose ends.  The ends are secure in the knit construction but cannot be cut closer to the sock.  The sock is then hand-finished with a linked toe.

From Oxford Soxs out of Oxford, England comes these pop-worthy (and again knit in Nottingham actually) country/city socks. Hunter green, cardinal red or mustard.