Tuesday, January 6

10E2418: Cozmic Zoom

For many, the new year is a time for introspection. How can we change for the better etc. What about 'extrospection'?

Came across this app inspired by the Eames Powers of Ten film that humbles and thrills in equal measure. It gives one pause for thought as it reaches from the infinitesimally small quarks (sized in fentometers) then up and out 28 billion light years - through Central Park this time not Soldiers Field in Chicago...

Plenty of information, overlays, and videos that you can activate, or leave dormant and just scroll throughout the cosmos - and yes some great trippy music... $1.99 for iPhone or Android available at Cozmic Zoom.

On the subject of priced apps (as regards to free) - I think we should get onboard with this... you'll buy a coffee or gum or X, Y, Z that costs more before you have finished reading this article and yet wont spend pocket change on an educational tool that can be used across all (iOS) devices you own?? To engage and entrance... Does not seem a big ask. Don't have to buy this one but dig past the free apps next time.

Sidenote: just read this great nugget from astrophysicist Robert Simpson via kottke; "If the Sun was a blood cell then the Milky Way is the size of Europe." #mindblown