Tuesday, January 27

10E2424: That Snow Day 2015 Look

Not quuuite #snowmageddon in Boston, though getting there - a foot at this point I bet. It is not the foot of snow in your way - it is 'where do you put it' that causes the problems. Hat tip to all the DPW and crews out there.

It is blowing hard. But you have to dig out at some point before it gets heavy...

Longjohns: Poler ninjasuit.
Gloves: find of the year - Astis gloves. Treated leather, beadwork and leather handsewn in the USA. Lined with Polartec® Thermal Pro® High Loft insulation.
Wool shirt: Edgevale fleece lined wool shirt.
Jacket: Topo Designs
Thermal socks: Darn Tuff
Boots: Schnee Extreme. Made in Montana.
Lined pants.
Hope you have a good shovel.