Friday, March 13

10E2436: Bern Goes Goggles | 2016

Bern [helmet maker] introduces goggles for the first time. 
Plus Foam, featured therein, is 100% recycled and can be recycled again.   
Photo Copyright: Ashleigh Miller Photography

Starting with large framed models for men (Eastwood) and women (Monroe), Bern Unlimited are taking the next step in modular protection and creating goggles to uniquely fit their helmets. Midsized frames will follow, along with kid-specific goggs (Scout and Sawyer). Available next season. Also opens the door for a raft of neat collabs and materials and colors. Market prices, $50-150.
"Plus Foam material features a soft, ergonomic fit and feel, resulting in the first 100% recyclable frame on the market. LENS POP’s fast-change lens system with seven retention points allows for safe and easy adjustment to environmental lighting changes."