Wednesday, March 25

10E2438: Big B

Bromley Mountain (colloquially BIG B) in southern VT is known for its southern exposure, so generally warmer than nearby Stratton, and a great mix of terrain - ie some big bumps and steeps for adults. Lucky schoolkids in the area get to ski and ride here instead of gym once a week in winter. We grew up this way - fantastic.

The ski area started with a J-Bar in the 1930s, essentially founded by Fred Pabst Jr., the son of Blue Ribbon founder Fred Pabst, you KNOW they sell tall boys at the waffle shack... #essential. And genU-ine maple syrup for free. #parenting

The spring 'pond skim' went down last weekend. Pros at this can hose the crowd as they go by. Kids on left got soaked. One kid rode full speed to the water's edge then jumped chest first onto a boogie board - and made it. Not sure how he practiced that move but crowd went wild. Sharkman made it. Chickenlady didn't... crowd loved her for it.

Love that National Forest font - hard to get info on that... anyone?

Always slightly amused by workouts that use "farmers walk" as a routine - carrying weights on each side as if carrying bales of hay. Is this a comment on how far we have fallen, that we have to imitate good old puritan manual work rather than engage in it? One could go further and say that about going to the gym generally - basically an acceptance that we eat too much and are not physical enough to keep from wasting away...

These lawn ornaments take 2 bales a day. Who wants to carry them out next?