Thursday, March 26

10E2439: Giveaway | Nomadic

 Jordan from Nomadic wants to give you a shirt inspired by nature. Sure!

On a personal note these remind me of kids photoshirts from the 70s. 100% recycled poly, a part of sales go to conservation efforts, classic. These insane prints would make cool longjohns as well... phase 2! Lithographs taken from; 19thC Kunstformen der Natur by German biologist Ernst Haeckel, 1901 depictions of small and large game by Richard Lydekker, topographic and other prints.

Calling it! The winner Kyle wa picked out of a hat and contacted... Thx Folks. How to win: visit the Nomadic site site then email me your the name of shirt you want and size, and why - and a winner will be picked at 5pm (today, March 26). Or RT this w/ shirt design and size.