Friday, May 1

10E2449: That Working From Home Look

Just bought a Bialetti (again) after many years, no idea where the old one went. Not to get too precious but it def' gets you into a sort of slow-coffee vibe. Plus inexpensive and bulletproof. Just don't leave it on the stove while you get sucked into emails #cleanupoperation 

Faribault Mill lap rug - essential warmth for the home worker - or sit on it and make your chair more comfortable.

Cannot operate without a touch sensitive mouse now, wireless keyboard too... #daskeyboard

Live in my shawl collar cardy. Had to have the patches on my elbows patched... -This NorthSea expedition job looks v tasty too.

Western jeans via JackKnife - so you can get into your pockets while sitting down.