Wednesday, September 16

10E2474: Return of the Snurfer

Grab a rope and get your balance on! 

The creators of Vew-Do balance boards (sort of like indoor skateboard trickery - originally based in Manchester, VT) have purchased the rights and IP of Snurfer - the original snow-surfer-before-there-was-snowboarding. Producing wood boards from maple they are taking us back to a simpler, backhill style of fun. Sherman Poppen of Michigan invented the Snurfer concept on a legendary Christmas Day, 1965. I am on board with the below;
 "As modern snowboarding has evolved, we’ve lost something in the ever-expanding market of lift tickets, energy drinks, lifestyle clothing, and redundant “tech.” That’s why we’re reintroducing the low-tech, incredibly fun Snurfer, the board that started it all... [Our] boards ditch the frills and let you get back to what matters—having fun outside! We’re celebrating American ingenuity and craftsmanship, too. Unlike many of the snow-sports products on the market, our boards are made in the USA from 100% North American hardwood..." - via Snurfer

I for one am excited. You can get the the original shape (produced by Brunswick Bowling back in the 70s) - a stick thin version for $99. Or for $150 get an adult sized Drifter reminiscent of Burton's Perfomer boards. The Scout looks pretty great too - $100 and change for kids up to 100 pounds. This is all an extension of a general winter move to backyard and non-ticketed snowboarding such as PowderJet wooden boards, the NoBoarding movement [no bindings - ed.] and others. #hattip