Tuesday, December 8

10E2494: Gift Guide Zero

Love a gift guide. To paraphrase myself;
Pretty much anything on 10e would work as a gift... the picks should probably be made of either leather, glass, stone or a combination of the above. Sidenote: 10e is a grilling-tool fee zone... and though parent friendly, 10e will always be a diaper-bag free zone.
  • GingHAM print via The Old Try -$35 (psst plus a super secret chance to win their xmas print if spending over $100)
  • Fly drying patch via Finn (VT) -$20.
  • Farmhouse Pottery striker - you can feel the scratch of that match head from here... $32 if from Huckberry
  • ESCAPE mason bag (USA), sourced and printed via Forestbound -$99 shipping included
  • Hurricane Lantern via Simon Pearce (VT) -$145 shipping included
  • Explorer's Compass Watch (MN). Everything you need - nothing you don't... $85 via Huckberry. (or just get the compass part from maker Tru-Nord for $44)
  • Fantastic Face Wash traveler size (2oz) via Ursa Major -$12 (get $5 off if your first order ever, plus 3 minis for all... no brainer) This saves your weekend - lifesaver. Ingredients like black spruce oil, fir needle oil, rosemary water, grapefruit peel, lime oil, cedar wood, spearmint leaf  (USA)