Tuesday, February 23

10E2503: Pallet magazine

Pallet magazine; "...print quarterly for people with curious minds and adventurous palates. Or put more simply, those who like to think and drink."

 Issue two cover, painted by Dave Eggers

I thought this was just a really good magazine about beer. Turns out its a really good magazine. In the first two issues articles have appeared on;
  • Munich’s oldest cooperage
  • a history of Zamrock
  • micro-finance in India
  • the intersecting lives of Johnny Cash and Merle Haggard
  • classic Japanese architecture
  • short fiction inspired by the tattoos of Henry Rollins
  • interview w/ muso Reggie Watts
  • conversations with career barkeeps from Tokyo to Durban
  • what it takes to make booze in prison
  • photo essay - packing for an apocalypse
  • inside the Japanese mafia
  • cradle-to-cradle industrial symbiosis.
  • six months on the road with young band All Them Witches
  • profile on writer-turned-painter Dave Eggers
  • and short fiction that revives a tired and mistreated genre: the western
#giveaway If you have read this far - retweet this story or visit their site and email me which issue (#1 or #2) you prefer and I'll send a copy to a few readers. Giveaway now done, but visit Pallet for more info and next issue details.

I only just got the double meaning - pallet like to deliver beer, but also palate as in your personal taste. Well played.