Tuesday, April 25

10E2591: Topo Designs Foam&Mesh Trucker

Blackadder:     Impossible sir. I know from long experience that my men
                have all the artistic talent of a cluster of colourblind
                hedgehogs... in a bag.

Melchett:       Hm. We needed a man to leave the trenches immediately.

Blackadder:     Well yes... I wonder if you've enjoyed, as I have sir, that
                marvellous painting in the National Portrait Gallery, "Bag
                Interior", by the colourblind hedgehog workshop of Sienna.

Not to call this hat's color scheme 'blackadder' [though not bad -ed] or to suggest the folk at Topo are colorblind - just mean this hat has as much color applied as the inside of a bag...  Too much?

$Thirty bucks. Solid. Under your Bell helmet.