Monday, September 24


One of my last classes at Simmons (now Simmons University) library school was "History of the Book". Lot of latitude there for that professor but it centered on paper, and decorative paper such as marbled end papers. Dripping oil paint onto water and manipulating the designs, then laying down paper. Long/short the venerable FIELD NOTES have just shone a light on this process in their new release END PAPERS - good stuff.

The designs were inspired by the University of Washington Decorated and Decorative Paper Collection

For a primer - and really digestible - grab the Eyewitness reference book to the BOOK.

Monday, August 13

10E2617: Green Mountain Flag | The Old Try

Our down street neighbors at The Old Try have created a print depicting the Green Mountain flag flown by General Stark and later Ethan Allen and his Green Mountain Boys during and post American Revolution.  The green field, blue canton, and white stars is one of the few known regimental flags from the American Revolution. The 13 stars referenced the 13 colonies at the time. VT would become the 14th 'state'.

These Vandercook letterpress prints, (13" x 20", 110lb Lettra Paper, made in MA) are on presale at $33 for early adopters; buy here.

In celebrating the US bi-centennial in 1977 it seems Nestle had a whole campaign of revolutionary wrappers - very neat and informative as below.

Monday, July 23

10E2616: New Bedford Whaling Panorama

Had never heard of these 19th century "panoramas" but it makes total sense...

Either housed in circular viewing building, or even live "scrolled" at a theater in front of an audience, these horizontal - and massive - travelogue paintings allowed viewers to be immersed in landscapes and stories.

Aquatint by Robert Mitchell, 1801 Cross-section of the rotunda in Leicester Square in which panoramas were exhibited.

"Though other panorama rotundas were built, the one in Leicester Square was thought to provide the most realistic displays. The building was designed to disorient people as they passed from the actual to the virtual world. Spectators had to walk down a long dark hallway and climb shadowy stairs before emerging onto the viewing platform. Some people felt sick as a result. More felt delighted..."
Panoramas: 19th-Century Virtual Reality

Now imagine an epic rollercoaster of a whaling voyage, painted across 1,275 feet of canvas, and you have The Grand Panorama of a Whaling Voyage ‘Round the World by Benjamin Russell and Caleb Purrington, which is as long as the Empire State Building is high... this thing is no joke.

Image courtesy of Jessamyn West

Image courtesy of Jessamyn West

The full piece is now on view for FREE at the Kilburn Mill, in New Bedford (MA) - soon to be part of a larger experience as part of the New Bedford Whaling Museum. Visiting info here.

The illusion of being “on the spot” was greatly enhanced by the authenticity of the artist’s first-hand knowledge and the quality of the narrative. The Purrington-Russell panorama’s authority would have been justified by Benjamin Russell’s personal experience as a whaleman and his attention to details that, at least in the ports of New England, would have been noted and appreciated, such as house flags of known vessels and architectural details of ports of call... As a skilled artist and detailed observer with a broad range of both practical and business experience, he and his partner, sign painter Caleb Purrington (1812 - 1876) captured details of the whaling voyage seldom encountered in any other visual representations of the industry.

You can click and zoom it all right now in this digital experience too but I think that hardly captures the scale...  the piece looks immense.


Thursday, July 5

10E2615: Universal Works | Concrete Birks

"Concrete" colorway Birkenstock via Universal Works in the UK.  £70squid...  Noice.

- leather uppers
- natural cork footbed
- regular fit

Friday, May 25

10E2614: France Footy Kit

While not quite capturing lightning in a bottle like the 11/12 kit - these French football jerseys are nae bad...

Tuesday, May 22

10E2613: Jean Jacket

Camden Market 1988 for a tenner, or Vermont thrift store for $2...  can't remember. Unearthed this barnscore unpacking some old boxes on a family visit last week.

Check underside of the tags on these old worn ones and you may get a surprise.  Summer uniform material...

Friday, April 13

10E2611: Tracksmith | Boston

I dont get jittery if I miss a run. Far from it... But great to see local TRACKSMITH continue to grow (un-official uni for the London Marathon this year...) and these tasty Boston marathon choices for Monday. 

My bruv once ran as a bandit many years ago, announcer called out "this guy doesnt have a number but he's lookin good!" as bruv hit the finish in 3 hours 1 minute. Hat tip. 1999.

Anyhow, performance gear by Tracksmith great and low key. Lots of old-timey stripes etc. Navy or crimson if you dont feel you have to drop the H-bomb...



Monday, April 9

10E2610: Outdoor Store | Maynard, MA

Image courtesy Russ Campbell

Couple towns west of Boston, past Concord and Walden Pond you'll find the Maynard Outdoor Store.

Essentially operating since 1893 as a dry goods store.

Image via Maynard Life 

Sporting goods (hats, gloves, sweats, skates, cleats), camping gear, hiking boots, mens/womens/kids. Scout supplies. Etc. GREAT WALL of jeans.  Some older stock if you are not 32/32, lucky you. Family-run and friendly - real world selection of Lee and Levis and rational pricing.   

Last of the Cone denim bought by Levis. Run don't walk... $59.

Pocket ballast. A must. $2.  Every visit get one more...

PLUS! You can then get an ice cream at Erikson's driving round the corner a mile... or a $7 movie at Fine Arts.

Monday, April 2

10E2609: Lambchop | FLOTUS

Beyond 'late to the party' on this... but did you know Lambchop brought out an album in 2016 AFTER Mr. M !?   Has some vocorder going on and maybe takes you back a bit first go round... but is the kitchen soundtrack on lock at 6 o'clock.

Live listen to the opening track In Care of 8675309 above (or here if you get this via email...) - sound on that video is great, seems off the board whatever the visuals.

Tuesday, March 13

10E2608: Carhartt - the "UP"

Apparently it 'gets frosty' in the upper peninsula of Michigan. That is a euphemism for 50 below... Cool [stop it! - ed] little vid about some of the crews there from Carhartt - even better they don't even mention their own name...

Wednesday, March 7

10E2607: Breeders - All Nerve

Maybe the weather... but this def has a "driving to the mountain to go shred" vibe...  93/94.

All Nerve by The Breeders. 

More at


Wednesday, February 7

10E2606: Up Mountain Switchel - Stronger Together

Spiritual vitality, the force of life itself, is something each of us has within. Through building skateboarding parks in Native American communities, art and media programs, and supporting healthy living, the Stronghold Society nourishes indigenous knowledge to build leaders of the future. A portion of your purchase of Up Mountain Switchel products goes directly toward real impact. You. Us. Stronghold. Together.

To learn more about Stronghold Society and to support their life-changing work visit the Stronghold Society website.

I have recommended this brand of Up Mountain Switchel before, and here - switchel being a pre-revolutionary grabyoubythethroat mix of ginger, lemon and sweet (in this case maple).  Not only is is great and great for you but they are good people doing good. You can buy the OG or their carbonated version at NY area Whole Foods and all around VT - or direct here

They get the 'unique swag' prize for sure with those coveralls... Mixes v well if you drink like that - or just get high on life with it.