Sunday, December 16

10E2624: In Praise of Hot Water Bottles

Hot-water bottles are never going to be fashionable. Even to talk about them is to invite a smirk from your audience. And yet would anyone turn down the offer of a hot-water bottle in this weather? Cheaper and greener than leaving the heating on all night, a bottle is a portable comfort. With a little planning, it heats up the bed before you clamber in. With an adequate cover (and would you seriously consider a naked rubber bottle?), it keeps you warm into the small hours. And then there is the attendant ritual of decanting a boiled kettle... ...a hot-water bottle is the kind of prosaic comfort that is easy to overlook and yet somehow makes life so much better. In fashion? Never. A must-have? Absolutely.  - via The Guardian.

100%. Can't really say more. De riguer during the winter months. Hot water bottle covers are the iPhone case of the 19th century too. Different sizes and types abound. Cashmere is good, flannel great. Tweed no. Protip - jam your pjs by the bottle too before you get changed so they are all heated up.  What's next- slippers?? Hell yes.