Monday, December 31

10E2625: SKIDA

Commonly known for floral inspired shell hats perfectly weighted for Nordic skiing, Vermont's SKIDA has been a staple of bright eyed outdoors types for a decade. 

"As a ski racer, [Corinne] Prevot started Skida while at Burke Mountain Academy and Middlebury College, both in Vermont, making and selling the headwear to teammates and at ski races. In 2013, Prevot opened Skida headquarters in Burlington, Vermont’s south end arts district. The newly introduced Cashmere Collection is made exclusively for Skida in Nepal." - via SkiVermont
Anyhow - they also do triangular neckwarmers, in flannel/fleece (as well as SKIDA cloth microfiber), like a bandana tied round the neck but with velcro.  On a chilly day outside whether on the slopes or not, I am converted.

Get 'em online or if you are stopping by the fantastic JJHapgood store or WildWings X-C ski center in Peru, VT.

Chili on the stove at WWXC. Eeeesential stealth lunch stop.