Friday, August 9

10E2636: Combi Gingham

Jumpsuit tied at the waist.  Yup. From OMIL; "There's no such things as a bad gingham shirt. This is just science."  Haha 100%. Give me 2 ginghams and double your fun.  via Strato. 

Friday, August 2

10E2635: Wood's

James Wood & Sons, established 1890. Barber shop in Edinburgh, Scotland. Services schoolboys to skinheads. Heavy reliance on the clippers. I def make a point when travelling to visit a local barber, but haven't been here for over 25 years. Looks to have barely changed...

Tuesday, July 30

10E2634: The Lighthouse

Filmed in 35mm B&W in an old timey aspect ration, Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattinson star in The Lighthouse, from director Robert Eggers (The Witch). In Theaters October 18. 'American Gothic' filmed in Nova Scotia for coast of late 19th C Maine. Heavy nautical vibes.   They read from
Sarah Orne Jewett [I bet County of the Pointed Firs? - ed] for dialect inspo - some speaking parts of that pretty thick...

Friday, July 26

10E2633: Amanda Winterhalter - Gothic Americana Tunes

To quote my jazz singing sister in-law "Amanda Winterhalter. You might like her stuff too; she's working on getting her second album out." 

Also Mountain Man are playing at Seattle's Crocodile (The Croc to the locals apparently) next Tuesday.  Get tickets.

Friday, May 24

10E2632: Book Sale | Acton, MA | June 1

My volunteer gig is for a local "friends" group that has a unique function - not only granting raised money to the local town library [natch' - ed.], but also to in town (there are 6 elementaries including the one in the town over), plus the jr high and high school libraries too. Pretty neat.

Just like your home town library book sale the materials sold are donated by residents - and gotta say this sale is stacked. Silly. Stocked to the gills. This is Acton (Massachusetts) not far from Walden Pond.  20 minutes from Alewife off the Concord rotary. Next Saturday. Come by.

 Hat tip to our high school volunteers who help us sort and carry all year round.

Tuesday, April 9

10E2631: Umbrella Pr0n

In the 1960s one could go to the lost and found at Kings Cross and say "I seem to have misplaced my brolly... it was a simple black affair with a bamboo handle..." and probably walk away in good shape.  Better get your initials engraved on the silver band so you don't lose yours.  Whangee is the shorthand name for the cane handled job above, a type of bamboo.

All of the above via James Smith & Sons (London). They have some amazing g'narled wood walking sticks too. Believe some/all of them may be manufactured by Fox Umbrellas in fact; handmade in England.  

Course they do a parrot headed version for the nanny too...