Friday, July 18

10E2375: The Bottom Of Your Heart - Carrie Wicks

Next Bond song?  Listen

Smokey vocals through the roof.  My sis-in-law Carrie Wicks. No, not available for openings or whatevers...

Friday, July 11

10E2374: Fridays Are Tie Days - Knottery Raw Silk

New from The Knottery - Navy (or burgundy) dotted, raw silk bowtie.  Silk milled in England, 2" diamond tip/batwing shape. Sewn in Brooklyn. $38. Dry hand-feel, not slick like you might imagine - good. Update: I pounced on this w/ cold hard clams - this color sold out already... 5 other raw silk options though.

Thursday, July 10

10E2373: The Fonz Motorcycles

Of course there is a site dedicated to the various motorcycles used by Henry Winkler as Arthur Fonzerelli / The Fonz / Fonzie on Happy Days. Fun fact, he couldn't ride a motorcycle, never could, and didn't.  Actually that page part of a larger site dedicated to the first 3 seasons... the cool ones... of Happy Days.

The second bike was the most used, a silver painted Triumph TR5. The actual one below.

Sidenote: wasn't his apartment over the garage the jam? It even spawned a phrase in real estate; the Fonzie flat.

Monday, July 7

10E2372: Pimm'bledon

Robin Hood's Barn was a small series of clothing shops, one on Martha's Vineyard in Edgartown, MA.  Recently turned these thrifted cords into shorts. 7" inseam. Waist tab. Preppy green to burn your eyes out.

Goes pretty well with mint in your Pimms. Cheers. #showleg

Friday, June 27

10E2371: American Hand

"American Hand is a documentary series [Jon Walley] started a few years ago that tells the story of craftsmanship in today's culture with the goal of educating & inspiring young and old."

You may have seen other examples of these sort of "interview the maker" type shorts - but few more sincere and featuring such grounded characters. In the 5 episodes so far you will meet; a musician and Luthier that specializes in restoring & repairing the double bass, a welder who works for FBM Bikes, a cranberry farmer and community educator (who does not harvest by flooding the bog - had not seen this technique before), and a scrimshander.

I started in the middle (above) with Mark Phelan - a printmaker and Hot Rodder from Taunton, MA. The filmmaker gives Phelan plenty of room to really explain his fascination and reasoning and inspiration behind working with his hands on old cars. But as I started out saying, the tone is different from other interviews like this.... no preaching to the choir, and no assumptions are made - everything is carefully thought out and articulated. As Phelan says, "I dont want to dismiss technology completely either, because somebody has invented an artificial heart... that is pretty incredible."

American Hand. HT to the Non-Fiction Cartel for posting about this.

Tuesday, June 24

10E2370: Cycles of Change - Farming in Norwich, VT

Cycles of Change the video by Ben Silberfarb, is part of a larger exhibit by the Norwich Preservation Commission, in collaboration with the Norwich Historical Society. We are talking about Norwich, VT here. The video and exhibit documents 8 working farms in Norwich (down from 40 in 1950 we learn), and is a reminder to cherish tried and true habits but also create and innovate when possible.

Gorgeous cinematography... take a 12 minute desktop vacation.

Friday, June 20

10E2369: Sling Chair - By Steele Canvas

Don't call it a comeback... The venerable Steele Canvas Basket company has reintroduced their sling chair; full size and a half-pint version for kids. Fantastic.

"First introduced in our 1960 catalog "10 Canvas Gift Ideas for the Homeowner", our sling chair is made with 1/2" U.S. cold rolled steel with a powder coated frame and an industrial grade #8 duck canvas sling... In case you're wondering, this solid steel framed sling chair does not collapse.......ever."
Available in a slew of colors [ponyhide? -ed.] and if you live close enough to visit the factory you can pickup and save the shipping. Williams Street, Chelsea, MA. Sorta near the Kayem hotdog factory if you know where that is...

Thursday, June 19

10E2368: Topo Designs Gingham Shirt

I am on record espousing the benefits of a little western in your shirting. Caveat below;
"...being aware of the history of the cowboy archetype is recommended here: "Fictional cowboys are never bored. Real cowboys were often so bored that they memorized the labels on tin cans and then played games to see how well they could recite them." — from a fantastic article called "Ten-Gallon Hero" by David B. Davis."
I'll still lurk on eBay for Sears Western Wear shirts just like this (see below) but they are pretty scarce now, and mine have all gone paper-thin. Luckily the guys at Topo Designs have the answer... just make them! All the details. Blue or red gingham. Made in the USA. $129.

Come on, it is shirt that you can fix with a hammer! In the words of bad-Kermit, "nailed it".