Thursday, August 14

lee storm rider

Plenty of ink spilled about Levi's jackets...i like to switch it w the 2-pocket Lee Storm Rider. Blanket lined natch'. Good enough for Mickey and Marilyn.

General info:
In 1936, Lee moved to identify itself more fully with the Western world of cowboys and rodeos by forming the Rodeo Cowboys Association. The company also opened a plant in San Francisco to produce its trademark denim cowboy pants, now known as Lee "Rider" pants. For the first time, the company's logo was rendered in a "hair-on-hide" leather label that featured the letters of its name connected in a way that resembled the mark of a cattle brand. By 1939, Lee had become the largest producer of work clothes in America.

The Storm Rider 101LJ is the lined version of the 101-J. The tag was embroidered until sometime in the 80's when Lee decided to print the tag.