Monday, January 12

burns night -haggis

OK, run that sheep's stomach bit past me again?
There cannot be a dish so famously (and completely unfairly IMHO) reviled as haggis. It is simply a blend of sheep meat and oatmeal, spiced with cayenne pepper. Full disclosure; 'sheep meat' is a fairly loose term, as haggis does contain rather more of the sheep than you'll see on the supermarket shelves. Try a plate of this oaty sausage with 'champit tatties' (mashed potatoes) and 'bashit neeps' (mashed turnips) and you have a warming winter dinner. Add some decent gravy, requisite drink, and Robert is your mother's brother.

Most recipes call for haggis to be boiled, but do not be fooled. We have always baked it instead (and BBC Good Food backs us here).