Wednesday, January 21

burns night -the kilt

Not discussing the literal "how to put the kilt on", as others have done that already (see Matt Newsome's blog here), rather just a few tips and observations.

1. For single men, wearing a kilt to any function (wedding, Burns Night, inaugural ball...) is like chum to the sharks. Hugely recommended.

2. Slide your sporran to the side when dancing vigourously.

3. Any solid shoes/brogues will do really. Ghillie brogues (open lacing that goes up the leg) not necessary, though not overdoing it atall if you have them.

4. Sgian Dubh, fine. I don't wear one. Great example of a friend at his country wedding below, stepping it up with a dirk. BTW these are fantastically sharp, and not 'for show'. (Carrying a small kilted child is optional, they do get heavy after a while though.)

5. Flashes (garters) essential, and a notch up if matching the kilt, though often plain green or red.

6. Bowtie or long tie? Black bow tie does not go with a tweed jacket atall, otherwise either one. Long tartan tie looks great below.

7. How long/high should the kilt be? If you kneel down, the edge should skim the ground. It will probably hit you mid-kneecap when standing.

8. Can anyone wear a kilt? Which tartan? To paraphrase myself "hey we have a black guy from London wearing a kilt... I think you can too." You can wear any tartan associated with the family (father or mothers side) but Black Watch is standard issue for anyone.

[Bonus thought: when you travel, roll the kilt vertically, i.e. with the pleats, and slide it into an old pair of tights. Keeps the pleats all crisp.]