Friday, January 16

felt crusher

A New England fave with the old boys, and the blaze orange is perfect in case you need to walk in the woods come late autumn. Re-introduced by Lexington Outdoors, the site really says it best...

"These hats were made of tough boiled wool felt and worked great in any weather. You could fold it up, stuff it in your back pocket and pull it out when you needed it. They kept their shape and definitely were way more than a fashion statement in the woods of Maine. This was THE HAT you wore when you went in the woods to hunt, fish or work. It took a while to track down the original maker, and we are proud to bring back this legend of the north country. Still made in America and still a must-have piece of gear for anyone who works or plays in the great outdoors. You'll love this hat. Ken Johnson, Lexington Outdoors, Inc."

Also available via Johnson Woolen Mills. I got mine at the home of all good things, H.N. Williams in Dorset, VT.