Thursday, January 15

the new tenner

It is quirky and wonderful that Scottish banks get to produce their own notes, leading to the colorful and eminently foldable larger bills. New banknotes have been designed by Clydesdale Bank (to replace the current notes) to coincide with the 250th anniversary of the birth of Robert Burns and the Scottish Tourist Board's new effort called "Homecoming 2009". (With slightly Highlander-ish undertones, dubbed "The Gathering". Sidenote, the website is always down... woops. And the advertisement is pretty horrendous.)

Bonus of having Scottish notes is pulling them out to spend while in England. You get odd looks, but they are legal tender, so they have to take them haha.

[Update 1/25/08, Burns Day, article on BBC about this Emotive Topic]


Sarah Fox said...

off to London in the AM. Whilst getting money out of the ATM tonight, the first thought was...damn, I am going to get hassle for the Scottish money everywhere I go!! Timely.

Went on the Homecoming Site to see what was happening as honestly have not heard a thing, and was no more enlightened when I searched for half an hour. Nice work...Sheesh..

Kristin said...

"legal tender" . . . like postage stamps. "a bus driver would have to take those."