Tuesday, January 6

omil takes japan -2

Our man in London is still in Nippon. Second update below.

"Coming to you live & direct from a bullet train, breaking new ground with 200mph email. Buck rogers sh*t.
Found a sick 2nd hand store, stacks of flannel, vintage denim, redwings etc. Got chatting (via my interpreter) to a dude in the Evisu store, they had 2 more 'hidden' branches in the same block. Absolutely no signage whatsoever, Goodfellas style intro, a la the restaurant dolly shot. Upstairs was full of yakuza suits & shirts then a room full of embroidered fishing vests, denim/neoprene golfclub covers (with tiny painted evisu pockets, natch). Just insane - how do they turn a profit?? Cool seeing them hand painting logos on jeans tho', my opinion of the brand is sky high now - hating on the big logos in London but totally different context here.

Turning in now - forgot to mention that I visited Beams yesterday & that I didn't snap anything...oops. Heading back tomo’ so should have another shot at it. Bullet train is The Man. High speeds/great scenery/no check-in/baggage collection... Ditching the trip to Nagasaki - 5/6hr round trip (don't mention the war, etc) - Checking out F'oka then back to Tokyo. Let's see if I get the bottle to ask out one of those beautiful Shibuya girls (whose skin is darker than mine). Collar & cuffs, mate..."