Wednesday, January 7

omil takes japan -3

Our man in London is still in the Far East. Falling down a bit on the photos (names will be changed etc... i assume).

"On another bullet train south to Kyoto/Osaka. early doors tomorrow - back late Saturday. got a classic room booked .. tatami mats, sliding screen doors, etc. got the SLR charged for this one. will probably come as a culture shock as i'm now completely at home with the neon overload of Shinjuku. Leicester square will seem even more lame/tame in contrast. still not quite used to the guys with the flock of seagulls/dragonballz hairdos though .. apparently some are working as male escorts (hosts/eye candy for rich salary women - gender equality/exploitation, like it). no accounting for taste...

Speaking of which, not long in from a night out with a big group of mate's mates in Shinjuku.. everyone spoke English which meant I finally had the chance to shine ha! I like to play it as low key as much as the next man but it gets frustrating having to use 8 lines to convey an otherwise killer one liner.... tough crowd, etc. In American 'football' terms, perhaps I need to work on turning some of that "possession" into "yardage"?...haha. Even though they've been on the radar for a while .. an entire country full of Japanese women has my head spinning and eyes out on frickin stalks .. until I get back to London and see the ladies from Scandinavia, Germany,

Quick bit of tech, you know I've been into my DVD/HDD recorders since day dot (leave all that tivo/sky+ crap to the street people who never got the hang of setting a VCR clock, programming with vidoeplus codes and apparently enjoy media giants collecting data on their viewing habits) Already have the 1st gen of blu ray hdd recorders out here -holymotherofmercy, 1TB of memory. yowza. wish I had enough time to figure out if I could get it chipped to play region2... connects to the web, download straight from youtube/itunes trailers in HDD. getting a semi just reading the stats.

oyasumi nasai (good night)"