Tuesday, January 27

omil takes japan -finally the photos

OMIL just sent some pics from his Japan trip and some classic bylines. No doubt been/seen for those that have made the trek, but may amuse.

On the way into town from the airport, captured this dude (and a dude he well and truly was) driving like he was in a video game. At the lights he LIT UP the rear tyres and shot off into the horizon. Easy to see how I fell in love with the place...

One of the first things I noticed about Tokyo (aside from the fact that they deliberately stand on the left side of escalators and it's not just something they do to piss Londoners off after all) is the amount of cable hanging in the sky. It's like some kind of man-made forest canopy. "Let's put a skyscraper here, and mega shopping mall there, smother it all in neon, then ... oh, wait, we forgot to put any electricity or telecoms cables in" complete afterthought to it all. Brilliant

I think this was shot somewhere like Shibuya? Street upon street of the most amazing neon displays .. retina searing. Always thought those guys walking around at night wearing shades we total cockmeisters... now I realise, there are parts of Tokyo where you NEED shades at night. Seriously, the lights at street level are stadium bright. Amazing levels of light pollution (and radiation? ed.) good stuff.

From one temple to another - come worship at the house that denim built. There's a little Evisu store around the corner that does stuff European buyers have modded plus ladies and kids wear. Has to be seen to believed but, for a nation of people who are reknowned (notorious, even) for snapping everything in sight, these guys were a little camera shy. Fair play to them, I asked before I shot but it was a feast for the eyes (check the loom). The jewel in the crown, however, is the stash room upstairs. No signage, back door job, 5th floor, aladdin's cave. This is just a glimpse into the showroom but there are 3 rooms on the 5th floor alone, selling suiting, outrageous shirts that would make Versace gag and all the Evisu branded huntin' fishin' shootin' gear a boy could ever dream of. I bought a pair of painter pants with an embroidered pocket (pic to follow). The best bit for me? Seeing guys at various counters, using down time to hand-paint the logo onto the pockets of jeans. They do a full customising service where you can order a design and have it hand painted. next trip ... ;-)

-part deux tomorrow.