Friday, January 30

white house farmer

Last fall Michael Pollan wrote a fantastic article titled Farmer in Chief, calling for the White House to lead by example and nominate a White House 'Farmer' in addition to White House 'Chef'. You may have read it already. The White House Farmer nomination process was not started by the Obama administration (started privately, read the AP release here) but is definitely gaining traction.

My vote happens to be for Shepherd Ogden (more here); a gardener/entrepreneur/tough and tough to describe character from Landgrove Vermont (now living in the DC area), who started the Cook's Garden mail order seed company in 1983, forging a path/choice for homesteaders. Further achievements as long as your arm (sidenote: also turned the lawn on the Mall in DC into an organic lawn).

"Shep Ogden was the founder and President of Cooks Garden seed company, he is a very experienced Market Gardener, a top speaker on gardening and organic subjects and the author of Straight Ahead Organic among other titles. He has the gardening ability, the people and management skills to carry a position of this importance. Shep has approved this nomination and also supplied references: USDA Ext Agent for DC, Sandy Farber Dir US Botanic Garden, Holly Schimizu Chief Hort Guy for Nat’l Park Service NW, Rob DeFeo Chef (organic) Nora Poullion." Taken from his nomination profile.

Anyway, if you like the idea, please visit and read around. And you must vote before January 31st.