Friday, February 13

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Found this site a month or so ago while looking for some Brass Eye clips, or was it the "tonic shooters" scene from Betty Blue...can't remember. Featuring 2.0/3.0/social media usability tips with a huge does of art/fashion/music and sense of humour. Good when you need a break from threadcounting workwear sites haha. Yup, we loved Dazed and Confused from the start too.

Don't know the writer atall but she is in Boston by way of London/Paris/NYC/more?; background in fashion/space(?). I hardly follow developments in social media atall so this is a great place to catch up (e.g. nabbed the twitter follow me graphic from her). I also forget to look at Coudal Partners so get it here.

Start at the beginning. Like the homedrawn instructions on CO2, magnetism, science...

Crayon Physics


Fully Flared (a-skate-film-by-spike-jonze-and-ty-evans)

Horatio killing it with the one liners