Wednesday, February 4

steven berkoff

Huge fans of Steven Berkoff. Have seen him in Kvetch (1986), Acapulco (1990), Brighton Beach Scumbags (1991) and Massage (2000 maybe?, he directed and was not in the cast, but illness took out the lead and he stepped in on the day i went; fan-fn-tastic) And love his turns chewing up the scenery in Under the Cherry Moon (Let the dogs loose, they look hungry) and The Krays (Bang bang, end of story, end of agro)... aaaaaaahhhh could go on. [sidenote: Ron Kray's funeral procession went right past our window when we lived in the East End. Quite the scene] He is a bit of a punch line for some, the slow motion, the mime techniques, the threats to kill critics... Great scene in The Tall Guy riffing on him, sort of lovingly I think.

His production of On the Waterfront finally coming to London's West End (has had many years of fits and starts). Read. He will play Johnny Friendly.

Great stuff below, SB performing his Shakespeare's Villians. If we can all be so vibrant and energetic (and articulate) at 70-odd.