Wednesday, June 24

square egg

Photo from wikipedia. Nice camping grill.
What do you call this? One eyed-egyptian? Square egg?

This concoction known as "egg in a basket", "egg in a window", "egg in a frame", "square egg", "Alabama-Style Eggs" (despite not actually being commonly eaten in Alabama), "Popeye" (I am going to adopt that going forward) or a "one-eyed Egyptian". In parts of Pennsylvania it is called "spit in the eye." In Alaska it is sometimes known as "midnight sun." In parts of Massachusetts sometimes known as "gas house eggs" or "egg in toast." In the 10th edition of the Boy Scout Handbook, they are referred to as "one-eyed jacks". Also referred to as a "nest egg", "nested egg", "framed egg" (nice -ed.) or "egg in the hole". (paraphrased from the wiki entry.)

Anyway, good gimmick to get kids to eat eggs or just for a change.