Friday, June 12

that taking the ferry look -2

If you ever get a chance to visit the Nantucket Whaling Museum it is a must-see. Pops used to drag us, sure. $15 entry but really worth it at least once. The old posters advertising for young men to join a whaling ship etc are great. Why wouldnt you go?

Watch: Omega reissue of the Jacques Cousteau collab Ploprof watch from 1971 -nicknamed PloProf by the French speaking development team and derives from the French term PLOngeur PROFessionnel (Professional Diver) as per Watchismo. No way in hell I could spring for this but it is a fugly beauty.
Belt: Brooks Bros
Everything else is standard 10engines issue; Levis and gingham shirt -check, older Carhartt jacket -natch', crepe soled shoes -yawn. Unbreakable hair organizer: Draplin. Your hat will probably blow off anyway on the ferry, so drag a comb and some wax through that mess and lay it down.

[Update: shoes are from Sears.]