Monday, June 8

that taking the ferry look

Jean jacket for the ferry ride: Necessity. Everyone else will freeze. Lee 101 this time, plenty like it around.
Slicker: Barn score, resurrected from a toychest in Vermont, tough to find. Sperry, a stone cold classic.
Shorts: JCrew. Slimmish.
Almost OCDB material for the boxers by JPress. Cushy waistband. Since you are there grab a gingham bandanapocket square.
Blucher moccasins: handsewn in a little place in Freeport, Maine I believe...
Pocket knife: Hardwood VSA.
Gimme cap: Scored on ebay, Carhartt Centennial.
Belt: Vineyard Vines. Anything that will survive the inevitable dunk in the water and no gold buckle.
Mason bag: I can't find much wrong with a standard issue mason bag. All the clamor over (yes very nice) $200-300 canvas bags is a bit lost on me. Pops gave me one like this, get yours at Aubuchon.