Wednesday, June 10

find -stetson shoes

Bought this pair for $5 at a thrift store yday. Thought; quick oil and polish, new pair of laces...maybe replace the missing segs (called v-cleats in the US??) and there you go, instant sh&tkickers. (btw appreciate the stickiness of wax laces, no slip) Thought they were just POS thrift store brogues, but a little digging shows these were made by the Stetson Shoe Company (based in Weymouth, Massachusetts but closed shop in 1973, so these shoes might be as old as I am...). Just dropped them off at the cobbler (United Service, by the fire station) to be re-heeled, no segs.

Someone's photo of older Stestons. Great work below and v-cleats intact.

[Update: 6/11/09 my pair re-heeled as below]