Saturday, June 6

yard sale -wood

Guillow history (model plane makers).
Not all of Guillow's customers were happy and devoted to their new hobby as stated by this excerpt from a letter, dated 7/14/59, that still hangs in the lobby of Guillow's today - "I think that you have the lousiest planes made from the lousiest wood (please take this as an insult). If you make planes like that put extra parts in them so I can fix the broken, rotten, lousy, dirty, crummy airplanes. ...if your planes aren't better I will sew (sic) you for fraud.
Sincearly (sic), Robert Higgins... P.S. drop dead!"
77 steps to build an Emeco chair.
manufactum via Hollister Hovey
Forest Defenders by Christopher Lamarca
via Kitsune Noir.