Wednesday, July 29

canon dial 35

Photo via Moff's flickr.
"The Canon Dial 35 was an unconventional half-frame 35mm camera with clockwork automatic film advance. It was made in Japan by Canon from November 1963. The Dial 35 was also sold as the Bell & Howell Dial 35.

The body had an unusual "portrait" format rectangular shape, with a short, wide-diameter lens barrel containing the CdS meter photocells window around the 28mm lens. Rotating the lens barrel set the speed of the Seikosha shutter; the aperture was set automatically.

There was a cylindrical handle at the bottom, which also wound the clockwork mechanism. " -from Camerapedia.

Hadn't seen this camera, or any 1/2 frames before today, they seem to have quite a following. Take 1/2 frame shots, 2 to a print, then some nice juxtapositons are achieved. Started on this after finding Jacob Holt's huge photo essay on American poverty and race. Further reading. Some intense stuff.

Elise via flickr.

Plankskate via flickr.