Wednesday, July 29

mit museum -arthur ganson

I only know of Arthur Ganson from visiting the MIT Museum in the no-mans land of Cambridge between Central Square and MIT. BTW, it is great for kids, especially his area there and then the flash work of Harold Edgarton which exhibit I now see may be closed. Oh well. Anyway, there is more than that and it is free on Sunday mornings. Def' worth a visit. Ganson is a sculptor who makes mechanical/kinetic art. Some of it a little dollhead/freaky. The Machine With Oil is a fave, as the 70 weight motor oil reek adds a certain visceral element. His sculptures at the museum all feature push-button starts, go crazy kids...

Ganson also invented this kid friendly free-construction kit called Toobers and Zots (Toobers bend and hold their shape. Zots add color). Had not seen them before.